The Art of the Bookcase

To display anything in your home in a stylish and creative way you need to take into consideration what you want to display, where you are going to display it and what is the style of your space. One of the most popular display tools is a bookcase.

Bookcases are a mix between interior design and storage, and it requires creating something that can store books, ornaments or whatever you want to display but yet pretty and visually appealing for you and the space you are creating it in.  There are different types of bookcases in various sizes, shapes and materials including built-ins, freestanding, with doors or without doors, vintage woodworking, modern glass, industrial steel and the list simply go on.

Bookcases can be used for multiple purposes and can be used just about anywhere. Popular uses of bookcases are of course storage of books and ornaments but it can also be used as a form of art or even a room divider.

Some other ideas to use your bookcases for are:

As a closet organiser by using woven or plastic baskets on shelves to hold socks and scarfs and fold the rest of your clothes and by adding a hook on the side you can even hang a few clothes.

To organise your shoes can also be a bit of a pain but by using a bookcase you can display and store them neatly and by adding more shelves you can even expand your shoe collection.

Turn the bookcase on its side and use it as a television and media console and by adding books and ornaments to the console you are transforming it from just a plain media entertainment piece to a stylish display.

Another idea is to stack wooden crates and use it as a bookcase. This type of bookcase can also be used as a bed side table ideal for your reading lamp, a few books to read and your alarm clock.

Stacked wooden crates can also be used as a bookcase

Have fun with your bookcases!