Peekaboo Lace

Lace never really goes out of fashion. Every now and gain it will become a popular trend and appear on every catwalk, fashion show and in clothing stores.  When it’s not so popular, lace still remains in fashion in some form.

Lace is such a versatile material and can be worn as a skirt, top, dress, on a shoe or on different accessories like a stunning clutch or belt.  You can wear it for casual days, to a cocktail party or even to a glamorous evening event.

Lace Accessories

Romantic Lace Dresses

A Brief History of Lace

Lace-making is an ancient craft and was first used by the Pharaohs who used flax cloth decorated with coloured threads and worked them into geometric designs.  As the threads became worn and frayed, it had to be twisted and stitched together. Lace was derived from the twisting techniques used in decoration of the fringe ends of woven fabric.

Lace was designed to replace embroidery in a manner that could with ease transform dresses to follow different styles of fashion. Unlike embroidery, lace could be unsewn from one material to be replaced on another. Lace became fashionable on collars and cuffs for both sexes and this trade reached a peak in the 18th century.

The main countries where lace is made are France, Belgium, England, Ireland, and Italy.

A Lace Dress with an Edge

Tips to Wear Lace

Lace clothing gives a unique look, and can look effortlessly beautiful.  But there are a few guidelines involved with wearing lace clothing.

Wear minimum and simple jewellery like silver hoop earrings or studs or a statement ring with your lace clothing.

Wear a lace skirt or dress together with a cardigan, leather jacket or coloured blazer.

Lace Skirts

Avoid wearing lace accessories with a lace dress.  It will be too much and over the top.

Avoid large or chunky lace patterns as this will make you look outdated.

A lace shoe can also make a statement.  Lace flats and brogues are perfect for a casual look and heels or ankle boots can be worn to a cocktail party or going out with your friends.

A Lace Shoe for Every Occasion

Wear plain or bold colours with your lace item depending on what look you want to achieve for example wear pastel colours if you want a more romantic look.

Don’t wear lace with clothing that is printed or have a lot of pattern.

A simple lace vest with jeans, a cardigan or a blazer is a great casual look that is both relaxed and a little bit flirty and feminine.

Enjoy wearing your lace clothes and accessories, just remember, one lace item is enough for an outfit and keep the rest of your look as simple as possible to avoid looking too busy.