Majestic Colours

I just love the colours in a peacock feather: blue, green, purple and a little bit of gold.  The peacock is a beautiful and majestic animal and is a symbol of integrity and beauty. The different colours in peacock feathers can be explained by just two factors: pigments, and simple structures in the feathers that interfere with incident light.

Peacock Spreading its Feathers

Peacock spreading its feathers. Every branch carries a series of brightly coloured spots. The actual colour depends on the exact position of the spot on the branch and on the angle of the incident light.

A Peacock Feather up close

Detail of a peacock feather. The iridescent plumage of the peacock originates in the fine side branches of the feathers.

Here are some beautiful Peacock inspired items which I just love:

Peacock Inspired Eyeshadow

Peacock Eyeshadow

Peacock Dresses

Peacock Inspired Dresses

Peacock Accessories

Peacock Accessories

Peacock Pendant made by Kris Nations

The stunning necklace is made by Kris Nations.

Stunning Peacock inspired Glassware

Peacock Glassware made by Mary Wibis.

Peacock chair

This Peacock Chair is made by Dror Benshetrit from Studio Dror in New York.  The armchair is made out of crumpled sheets of felt and can be one-colour (green or blue) or double-colour (green and blue coupled with grey colour).  The base is made out of metal with a powder varnished in a dark brown colour.

Blue Peacock Chair

Green Peacock Chair

Peacock Home Decor

Peacock Inspired Home Decor