Stylish Display

This is a follow up on ‘The Art of the Bookcase’.  Now that you have chosen your type of bookcase that fits your style and space, the next step would be displaying and stacking your books and ornaments.

First choose the type of books and ornaments you like the most.  Select the shelves you want to display the books in.  Just remember that you should not place books in each shelf as it will look to ‘heavy’ but rather alternate your books with the ornaments that you picked.  Put the heaviest items (like books) on the bottom and lighter ornaments on top. Small art pieces or even a pot plant can also be displayed along with your books in your bookcase.  The bigger ornaments like vases can stand alone in a shelf and smaller ones like a glass apple can be used to place on top of stacked books.

Bookcase Display

There are different ways to stack your books:

  • Stack books vertically on a bookshelf as in a library.  The taller books to the left and short books to the right.
  • Lay the books on their backs with the titles facing up for easy reading. Have the larger books on the bottom of the pile and the smaller ones on top.
  • Stack half of your books vertically and the other half horizontally in the same shelve.

Different Ways to Display your Books and Ornaments

You can group different type of books together for example all your art books can be placed in one shelve and your fictional books in another.  Remember that you’ll want to read the books from time to time, so make sure they’re easily accessible.

You can also stack large books atop of an ottoman beside a chair or even use the stacked books as a side table by placing a tray or glass on top of it.

Stacked Books used as Side Table

Books can also be placed on a coffee table along with flowers and one or two ornaments.  The key is not to overdo it but always make sure that it looks stylish and elegant.

Coffee Table Display