Festival Fun

My mom, sister and I went to the Kirkwood Wildlife Festival on Saturday.  The festival includes performances by top South African artists, a wine, jazz and gourmet food lifestyle expo, a massive beer tent with rugby showing on the big screen, more than 300 specialist stalls and many more activities that will keep the whole family entertained.

Kirkwood Wildlife Festival

Kirkwood is farming community in the heart of the Sundays River Valley in the Eastern Cape.  The town is also situated near the Addo Elephant Park which is the third largest national park in South Africa and has the famous big 5 which includes the elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard.  The town is famous for its citrus and tractors loaded with oranges are a regular sight on the roads leading into Kirkwood.

Kirkwood and Some Wildlife

Sappi was a sponsor of the Wildlife Festival and only paper bags was handed out.  Recycle stations were placed at different locations on the festival grounds to minimise the effect of waste.  I must say that the festival grounds were much cleaner than the previous years. 

The official taxi for the Wildlife Festival was donkey carts, transporting festival goers from the parking lot to the festival grounds and back for a small fee.  Each year, donkey cart owners spruce up their carts with new coats of paint, new bits and harnesses for the donkeys.  The donkey carts are strictly monitored by Kirkwood Save-a-Pet to ensure that the donkeys are not overworked and that the donkeys are rested at least every half an hour.  The use of these carts is definitely a create job opportunity and the local cart owners take pride in their contribution to the success of the festival. 

Donkey Carts was used as the official Festival Taxi

Official Festival Taxi

Here are some interesting things I saw at the stalls and some are made out of recyled material:

Festival Finds

This is definitely a must-do on your list if you visit the area.