Spring Inspiration

Lately I’m in the mood to spring clean my wardrobe.  I think it is purely rebellion against the cold winter that we had and the millions of layers that I have to wear everyday in order to stay warm.

With spring approaching I want to redo my whole wardrobe and get rid of old shoes, scarves, belts, winter clothes, you name it.  Anything that I did not wear this winter or that I know I will never wear again or even spring or summer clothes that have lost their touch or the power to inspire me will find their way into a black bag. 

Springtime is the time for new beginnings i.e. new trends, clothes, makeup, hairstyles, inspiration and creativity.  

Here are a few pics that inspire me at the moment to get rid of the winter and welcome spring.

Spring Colours

Turquoise Inspiration

Spring Hairstyles

Spring Inspiration

Images via fashiontrendsetter.com; pinkchocolatebreak.com; notable.ca; harpersbazaar.com; londonfashion.org.uk; bloggers.com; fashionsdesigns2012.com;