Pop of Colour

What a pop of colour can do…

A pop of colour can make you look like a fashionista or décor guru.  Just adding that one or maybe two bright colours to a neutral palette will add that little extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any outfit or room.


You can add a bright coloured blouse, skirt, shoes, handbag or even a belt to your neutral outfit and you will instantly look fabulous.

I love

(images via garmental.com; thelawsoffashion.com; anarchystreetblog.tumblr.com; togandporter.com; nogreatillusion.tumblr.com)


Pops of colour in a room can sometimes be a chandelier, a painted bookcase, table or chair or a few accessories like scatter cushions, a throw or different ornaments.

(images via courtneybrookeevents.com; scentsyblog.com; julieloveshome.wordpress.com; kaminskiauctionsdecor.wordpress.com; homehappyhome.blogspot.com; allthingsnice4life.blogspot.com)