Pencil Drawings

Linda Huber from USA is a self taught artist and has done pencil drawings for over 40 years.  She strives for realism in each piece using only graphite pencils and to recreate ‘life’ as we see and know it.  According to Linda details are key to realism so patience is significant.  Her personal technique is to work on a small area, to near finish before moving on.  Most of her work takes from 20-80 hours.   

Many have asked how she gets her drawings to look so realistic.  “I draw not only what I see but what I know!  For example, from years of doing portrait work I know the anatomy of a face, I also know for realism you should never skip over any individual details.  Details such as that perfect balance of light and shadow to define the shape of ones face, unique flickers of light in each eye, hair texture, (including eyelashes and eyebrows) and even pores in the skin.  Often times when drawing extreme details I will not look at the whole and will turn the reference and drawing upside-down and work on a tiny section.  This technique forces me to focus more intently on those details. It’s so relaxing and so natural for me to draw in such a blind state”, said Linda.

Here are some of her stunning pieces:


Angel of Silence