Packing For Your Holiday

Its holiday time and the only things on my list are to relax, drink cocktails, go to the beach, catch up on some reading and spend quality time with family and friends.

This year we decided to travel only a few kilometres up the coast to the little town of Port Alfred.  The only problem now is to decide which clothes will go on holiday with me and which will stay.

So I thought it best to write a post about how to pack when you are going to travel and some useful tips to make your packing experience easier and pleasant experience.  I’ve decided to split this topic in two posts as there are so many things we should cover from clothes, shoes, accessories and even how to pack your suitcase. 

The key to packing light is to select a collection of clothes that will work well together and can be worn in different ways and can be dressed up or down.  Think about where you are going and what kind of holiday you are planning.  Also consider the weather and temperature of the place you are travelling to as this will dictate which type of clothes you need to take. 

Start by laying out all your favourite clothes in different piles of tops, shorts, trousers, skirts, dresses, shoes, swimwear (if needed), jackets, jerseys/sweaters, etc.   Look at everything and choose items based on the fact they will work with lots of other items.


Useful Tips For Clothes:

Decide on a colour palette. Whether you choose black, white, silver or brown, bronze, gold this decision will also dictate which shoes and accessories you should pack.

Keep trousers, shorts, ¾ pants, skirts and leggings neutral like black, grey, brown, stone, beige or white so they can easily go with a variety of tops. 

Two to three tops for every pair of bottoms will help you limit any extra clothing that you think you should pack.

Jeans are a must to pack as it basically go with anything.  

Pack in some shorts for the beach and a more formal pair that you can team up with a pretty top for an evening out.

Dresses are a fabulous item as you only need to add shoes, accessories and maybe a jersey (for cooler evenings) to complete your outfit.  Just remember to check the fabric of your dress as you would like something that doesn’t crease easily.

Jerseys/sweaters or lightweight jackets are ideal for those cool summer evenings.

Scarves or pashminas takes very little space and are great for chilly evenings, to brighten up a plain top or protect your shoulders from the sun.

Swimwear will depend on how often you wish to visit the beach or pool. My only use for a swimming costume is to tan and maybe go cool off in the ocean or pool.  I normally pack 2 costumes and 2 sarongs plus the essentials – a sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a weaved mat, beach towel and a beach bag.


These are only a few tips that can help you pack for your summer holiday.  In my next post I will discuss which shoes and accessories to choose and how to pack your suitcase.