Packing For Your Holiday (2)

In my previous post, Packing for Your Holiday, I gave some useful tips on what type of clothing you can pack when you are going to travel.  In this post I’m going to discuss how to choose your shoes, accessories and how to pack your suitcase.

Just a key tip to packing light that I pointed out in my previous post, is to select a collection of clothes that will work well together and can be worn in different ways and can be dressed up or down.  This rule can also be applied for your shoes and accessories.

Look at the clothes that you selected and then decide on the following:


I usually like to pack my shoes in a separate bag with any other loose items like my hairdryer, hair straightner, cellphone charger, camera, books, etc.   Other people however like to pack it in the bottom of their suitcase.  Your shoes should match the colour palette you decided on with your clothes.  If you thought of black, silver and white with a few colourful tops and dresses, then you can leave any gold or bronze shoes.

I like to pack flip flops, two pairs of summer sandals, a pair of neutral or metallic pumps, a pair of wedges and maybe a pair of heels.  This selection of shoes will depend on the activities you planned for and the length of your holiday. All your shoes should be comfortable as you don’t want to sit with blisters or sore feet.

Summer Shoes


Your accessories should also reflect the colour palette you decided on with your clothes.  Choose either silver or bronze/gold jewellary and add some colourful pieces that will immediately transform an outfit.

Choose a few key pieces such as 2 long necklases, 1 short necklace,  some dramatic earrings, a pair of simple earrings, a few rings or bracelets.  You can add a few headbands or maybe a scarf to tie your hair back.  Don’t forget a wide brimmed sun hat and maybe a fedora.

A handbag that will go with anything and be big enough to cart all the essentials and maybe a few items when you go shopping is a must.  A clutch can be used for any evening outings such as going to a restaurant or drinking some fabulous cocktails while looking at a beautiful sunset.

Summer Accessories

Fold or Roll

There are a few ways of packing your clothing items but the two most popular ways are either to roll every item that can be rolled or to fold them.  I know some people might say that to roll your clothes are better than folding it, as it reduce creases and maximizes space.  I however like to fold my clothes into small squares.  I found that my clothes don’t really crease this way and it is very easy to pack.

Packed Suitcase

Stick to your original selection of clothing, shoes, accessories and toiletries.  The last minute things that you think you should add are most likely never going to be used.

I hope that these posts were useful and maybe help you in packing for your holiday trip.  The key is to pack light but still look fabulous and stylish.

Happy Holidays!