Live a Balanced Life

This year, I said to myself, is going to be a great year full of adventure, experiencing new things, working on relationships with friends and family and just embracing life in general.  I found these 5 ‘secrets’ on ‘The Daily Positive’ written by Dale Partridge that create, according to him, a perfect life ( 

    1. Family – Family is more than your friends. They will be with you for years and years and we need to nurture our relationships with them. As Dale said: “We can’t escape it. For some it causes joy, for others pain. But family is more than blood. It’s those who are greater than friends. Those who have remained with us for years, even decades. They have chosen to do life by our side. These people are the ones who truly bring us joy. Let’s not forget that. Instead of investing in a hobby, in a project, or in a job. Let’s invest here.”
    2. Friends – Friends will inspire you, motivate you, love you, support you, listen to you, be there when you need a shoulder to cry on and  push you to be a better person. Make the decision to be a great friend to someone and make sure your friends take priority in your life. 
    3. Fitness –  I believe that you need to be healthy in order to live a balanced life. “Without our health, not much else matters. We eat poorly, we don’t exercise, we take prescription medicines that treat symptoms rather than heal the problem. Let’s fight for our health. Go for a walk. Buy organic food. Go vegan for 90 days. Whatever it takes to protect this precious element of your life” said Dale. I 100% agree with him! Lets take charge of our own life!
    4. Food (and drink) – Make the decision to eat good quality food and decide on more healthy options. Share a meal with your family and friends!
    5. Faith: I would like to learn more and be part of a great community! Faith gives me a sense of purpose and aspire me to be a better person!