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Looking Good

These are the coolest sunglasses from Kraft Eyewear…. Love them! Advertisements

Tin Tin


Unusual Decor and Furniture

Pallet Furniture Here are some cool ideas to turn a basic wood pallet into a funky piece of furniture. Photos via Nina’s apartment, Creaytive, Marie Claire Maison, Modern Design Trends. Flexible Furniture FlexibleLove™… Continue reading

Lights Please

I really like different décor items made out of recycled or any unusual products. These light fixtures I just love… Wine Bottle Chandelier Recycled Water Bottle Lampshade This modern light fixture was made… Continue reading

Quirky Cufflinks

I found this pair of cufflinks browsing through a website called Uncommongoods. Each set of cufflinks is made from authentic date nails in use from 1897. In order to record the date of… Continue reading


Reinvention means to radically change the appearance, form, or presentation of something. This beautiful chair has been made from a recycled suitcase and is a true reinvention.  It has been designed by green enthusiast Katie Thompson from South… Continue reading