Reinvention means to radically change the appearance, form, or presentation of something. This beautiful chair has been made from a recycled suitcase and is a true reinvention.  It has been designed by green enthusiast Katie Thompson from South… Continue reading

Modern Simplicity

I am just in LOVE with perspex chairs. It is modern, very simple and elegant. This space is a mix of luxury and simplicity.  I absolutley love the clear perspex chairs with the wooden table. … Continue reading

Stylish Display

This is a follow up on ‘The Art of the Bookcase’.  Now that you have chosen your type of bookcase that fits your style and space, the next step would be displaying and… Continue reading

Sunny Spaces

Yellow is such a cheerful colour!  

Majestic Colours

I just love the colours in a peacock feather: blue, green, purple and a little bit of gold.  The peacock is a beautiful and majestic animal and is a symbol of integrity and beauty.… Continue reading

J’aime la France

Bonjour Comment allez vous? Today’s photo post is all about the French.  French fashion, food, décor and some scenic pics. Enjoy! Scenic Photos of France Street in Paris Bordeaux Eiffel Tower in Paris… Continue reading

Peekaboo Lace

Lace never really goes out of fashion. Every now and gain it will become a popular trend and appear on every catwalk, fashion show and in clothing stores.  When it’s not so popular,… Continue reading

An Elephant in the Room?

I am totally in love with this white ceramic Elephant side table.  Sometimes side tables are an afterthought, but they are a great opportunity to add personality to a room.  It will definitely… Continue reading

The Art of the Bookcase

To display anything in your home in a stylish and creative way you need to take into consideration what you want to display, where you are going to display it and what is… Continue reading

About Me

My name is Suzanne and I live in sunny Port Elizabeth in South Africa. I’m a Public Relations Practitioner and love arranging events, working with people and being creative.  I adore anything pretty from… Continue reading